"3, 2, 1, chop!" The so-called “Time Hack” begins every operational briefing with precise seconds and gives every soldier the opportunity to check that their own watch is set correctly. Punctuality is very important in military aviation; it's always about seconds, not minutes. But why exactly? Why is everything meticulously planned, from the mission briefing to the time to start the engines and take-off?
On the one hand, efficiency is a decisive factor in the performance of an armed force, but on the other hand, especially in jet aviation, this fact is also due to a driving shortage: fuel! Every jet-powered fighter aircraft always has too little of it. And if a combined air warfare operation with 80 aircraft in action or even just in training is to succeed, there is no time to wait. In order for the critical timings to be maintained in the air, the calculated timings on the ground are already crucial. The mission literally begins with the mission briefing. And if something doesn't go according to plan - for example because there's a traffic jam on the train - flexibility is required: so-called "dropout" or "latecomer plans" ensure clarity in the event of cancellations and delays. The supposed chaos on the ground always follows a plan.
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